Market groups that utilise the world wide web to distribute products, services and information are a fundamental economic basis for internet commerce. eBay, whose core business is to buy and sell goods, also effectively utilises an online community to support its business. Online communities are a core component of the network which forms the basis of effective internet commerce. Internet based communities, like eBay, have proven to excel by basing its business on this model which produces a comprehensive basis of internet commerce.

eBay, an internet community available for online users, distributors and consumers, started back in 1995 (Caban, 2007). Today eBay branches over many industries and markets, using online methods for connecting people rather than selling things (Caban, 2007). E-commerce involves the buying and selling of goods and services online, and is used in the eBay business model for all its online transactions and procedures incorporating numerous processes in the distribution and payment cycle of the business.

eBay's network economy connects people in virtual places, creating awareness of products whilst creating networks within the network. This in turn builds the network to billions of subscribers globally. The attention and gift economy, also seen on eBay by way of news and alerts, is low cost and is easy to use by all in the network. These strategies within the eBay's business model, focus on free information sharing, production, distribution and consumption without money and material wealth.

The business model is directed by community and usability. Electronic trading of physical goods and services, known as e-commerce, has foundations and frameworks for success. Known commonly as business models, these are geared towards harnessing the potential and the convenience of the internet.

eBay has built customer confidence using tools for monitoring user's security. Privacy, trust and security are important to the eBay brand and business model and there are numerous measures in place to prevent any violations.

eBay is highly recognised as a fundamental economic basis for internet commerce because it uses a variety of economic based platforms such as e-commerce, network, attention and gift economy, as well as Privacy and Security to ensure the saftey of its most valuable asset - its community.

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