Role Role Description
Project Manager: Alexandra Cop Responsible for addressing issues with team member, or project overall; Responsible for communication with the tutor; Responsible for resolving all tech issues; Responsible for helping team members with project workload
Project Administrator: Jean Moss Responsible for organising weekly meetings; Responsible for taking meeting minutes and uploading them on for all member to view; Responsible for updating and maintaining group progress page (group journal); Responsible for choosing wikidot template for our team's website
Web Developer/Designer: Stephanie D'Silva Responsible for choosing team's site domain; Responsible for creating team's site on wikidot; Responsible for creating all pages; Responsible for creating all links; Responsible for choosing, editing and uploading all images
Project Liaison: Francesca D Radice Responsible for keeping in contact with all meeting absent team members; Responsible for organising and updating team's calendar; Responsible for maintaining team's wikidot page (under list of teams); Responsible for maintaining team's, and wikidot communication; Clean all feeds
Projection Analyst: Sash Malone & Penny Dodman Responsible for analysing the project; Responsible for addressing Ass.2 question (collaborate with Research Analyst who will be responsible for organising brainstorming sessions with all team members); Responsible for finding answers to project requirements; Responsible for making sure that we are on right track; Responsible for organising project brainstorming session with all team members
Research Analyst: Nhan (Nick) Do Responsible for researching case studies; Responsible for organising project question brainstorming sessions; Responsible for researching appropriate references to be used in the project (collaborate with the Content Developer); Responsible for organising case study brainstorming session with all team members
Content Manager/Editor: Steph Dwyer Responsible for creating Team Alpha's page on wikidot; Responsible creating and maintaining meeting minutes page on wikidot; Responsible for adding all content to team alpha's pages; Responsible for assuming the editor's role. Collaborate the Content Developer
Content Developer: Liz Power Responsible for developing all content; Responsible for creating and maintaining group's 750-word report which be drawn from group's journal; Responsible for organising content creation brainstorming session with all team members; If we do decide to start a blog, the Content Developer will be responsible for maintaining it. All team member would be required to keep a blog updated what the Content Develop would make it look good. Note: Content Developer is not responsible for doing our assignment. We are all to do our part of research and brainstorming. Content Developer is responsible to make it look good.
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